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Hi everybody,

Let's start fast for the impatient/interested/iDontCareWhoYouAre persons

Requests of any kind = commissions = nope, not anymore.

For the potential generous/supporting persons ;)

Support & donations (USD | Paypal) => [link]

And for the people persons =)

I'm a 28-single-frustrated-virgin still living at parent's home-french-"jobless*"-social anxious/antsy-kind & very empathic but cynical & sarcastic with a touch of fatalism even if "naive" (see empathy) & idealist man.

(* don't have a "conventionnal" job, my only income is what I can sell on assetstores ^^ )

I've been depressed for years now. Things are getting better (treatment & sport) but still need to work on many things like moving away from this house. I plan this for next year if I found a big enough colocation/roomate (at least 4 & more). Don't care of having my own flat. Loneliness in my room is enough. =)

I've learnt how to use photoshop & 3dsmax at university with other things like programming & other web-related stuffs till 2008. Then I've learnt all the rest from Internet (DA, YT & forums).

I'm good at modelling & texturing only because I'm passionnate, no talent in it or else, just passion & (too) many free time.

For those who think softwares make the talent I use :
- 3dsmax (modelling) ($$$) + XRayUnwrap plugin (mapping) ($)
- MeshLab (retopologizing) (free)
- Photoshop (texturing) ($$$)
- xNormal (texturing) (free)
- DDo NDo (texturing) ($$$) (kindly offered =) )
- Mudbox (sculpting/texturing) ($$$)
- 8Monkey Labs Toolbag 1+2 (preview/rendering) (free but payed for pro version)

Why do I do & share for free my ressources ?
There are people who are able to make games but who are not good at modelling or texturing and they don't necessarely want to pay for it (students & indies). If they are honest & respectful they give me credits and if they want to redistribute (for free) them for specific softwares (UDK, Unity,...) they just ask for it.

What about thief ? It's Internet.
Don't want it to be stolen ? Don't put it on Internet!
Deal with it!

Copyright ? Just an other idea very highly deeply raped by big shitty lobbies & patent trolls for their own profits. Meh. =|

Guess that's all for now. =)

See ya.


Déjà vu : struggleling, again, for making a stupidely basic preview scene for the next Unity asset. I'm a dumb artist who like making "tools" but hate using them. ><
[Free] IDKWIAD 0 by Nobiax
[Free] IDKWIAD 0
For those who don't follow my twitter or my Patreon, here is a new free asset :

You give what you want ($0 to whatever you want).

(the title means "I don't know what I am doing", basically my state of mind when I work. Also tired of thinking about a title. Gonna use it everytime now)

Support me on Patreon



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JD-216-NN Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  New Deviant
4 what it's worth?

I believe...

You are, an amazing person.

You are a great artist.

You care & share.

I wish you nothing but the best.
I wish i could give you what you deserve, unfortunately I can't.

All i can give you is a thumbs up and express my gratitude and say ...

Thank U !
Nobiax Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016
You're welcome. Thank you for your comment. =)
JD-216-NN Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  New Deviant
Ditto !


You Rock !
NaserKawaii Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  New Deviant
Hello Nobiax

just wanted to say that i like very much your textures and models :D
and if i can use it in the game i´m working on, it will be free and don't worry for the credits ;D

when I finish it I'll leave a link for you to look ;D

thank's for all
Nobiax Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
You're welcome =)
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