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About me | FAQ | Request | Support

Hi everybody,

Let's start fast for the impatient/interested/iDontCareWhoYouAre persons

Requests of any kind = commissions => [link]

For the potential generous/supporting persons ;)

Support & donations (USD | Paypal) => [link]

And for the people persons =)

I'm a 25-single-frustrated virgin-still living at parent's home-french-jobless-social anxious/antsy-kind & very empathic even if cynical & sarcastic but naive & utopist man.

I've been depressed for years now. Things are getting better (treatment & sport) but still need to work on many things like getting a proper job (not IT related if possible)... damn, that is so fucking too much serious business to me. T_T
Or in game production as an environment artist but I don't count on it : there is nothing where I live, France basically sucks on it and it's an unstable domain to me. =/
And forget the homework/online style, I want teamwork in the same workspace. I want interactions with human beings, not computers (except advanced AIs :D ).

I learned how to use photoshop & 3dsmax at university with other things like programming & other web-related stuffs till 2008.
Then I've learnt all the rest from Internet (DA, YT & forums).

I'm good at modelling & texturing only because I'm passionnate, no talent in it or else, just passion & (too) many free time.

For those who think softwares make the talent I use :
- 3dsmax (modelling) ($$$)
- Photoshop (texturing) ($$$)
- xNormal (texturing) (free)
- Roadkill (UV unwrapping) (free)
- Mudbox (sculpting/texturing) ($$$)
- MeshLab (retopologizing) (free)
- 8Monkey Labs Toolbag (preview/rendering) (free but payed for pro version)

Why do I do & share for free my ressources ?
There are people who are able to make games but who are not good at modelling or texturing and they don't necessarely want to pay for it (students & indies). If they are honest & respectful they give me credits and if they want to redistribute (for free) them for specific softwares (UDK, Unity,...) they just ask for it.

What about thief ? It's Internet.
Don't want to be stolen ? Don't put a thing on Internet!
Deal with it!

Copyright ? Just an other idea very highly deeply raped by big shitty lobbies & patent trolls for their own profits.

Guess that's all for now. =)

See ya.


For not changing.

Someone explained that nicely (about video-making).
After a (big) project you were completely involved into, comes the self-pressure to do something new & better than the previous thing.
Then you try things which always look crap to you afterwards, again & again, till you feel just bad & empty.
And the only thing to do is to stop trying to do better & just wait for this f*cking sparkle to come back.
Plus it's Sping here, vegetation is going back to life... Tons of plants I would like to recreate each time I look at them.

In the meantime, I saw a 1st live gameplay (PC, max options) of "Witcher 3" (never played any of them)... It looks gorgeous. It looks lively, colorful & natural.
The Nature looks awesome in it. The dynamic ripples in water still make it looks a little like gelly, but the rest is awesome so far. We'll see how massive fire and smoke looks.
And about the supposed "downgrade": Since when trailers are honest ? :eyebrowup: by Nobiax

An a more personal side, I'm (very ^^;) slowly but surely doing what to do to move from the house.
Maybe this year, but I hope it would be at most the next year.

Good day, have fun! =)

Tablet and Trello

Fri May 8, 2015, 12:03 AM
I use my tablet again. :dance:

Thanks to this nice little software "Nezumi Lazy Pro". For 30 bucks it goes between the system and your painting software to make things way smoother & "natural". It has a lot of features.
But it definitely help with a basic pen tablet. =)

I'm test something basic (grass, again) which I'll release for free soon.

Also, I'll release soon the huge "Yughues Natural Materials" on UE4, but it depends on the votes on Trello:…

It will be there for a month and if there is enough votes then they will add it to the Marketplace.

That apart nothing new. ^^;

Oh right, and read "Death Vigils" & "Sunstone". It's so worthy. =]



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Miicchi Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
I play the horror game "Eyes" ;D I saw that u kinda designed it nd stuff :3 cool!!
Nobiax Featured By Owner Edited May 12, 2015
I didn't really designed it. =)
They just used some of my assets.
I'm far from being a level designer. ^^;
But thank you; :D
Miicchi Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
Ohhh, but still they used your assets so that's also something :D !
efgh58 Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
you're a motherfucking great artist, and I really appreciate you making textures and stuff for game creators who would get stuck or frustrated because they simply don't have that kind of talent, although they could create a really nice game ;)

It might be a little bit much to ask, but there are surely people like me that want to download every single project you did at once, to use it in Unreal Engine 4, Unity or so on. It would be really neat if you provided a 1-click-all-files download, that maybe could even be straight imported in UE4 ? ^^

Also, I have a suggestion for your work: Could you make some textures, decals and models to use in a Horror Game? I think of something like dirty walls, blood decals, and all that asylum/creepy kinda stuff.
I'm sure there are many people who would use it

greetings ;)
Nobiax Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
Thank you =)
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