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Hi everybody,

Let's start fast for the impatient/interested/iDontCareWhoYouAre persons

Requests of any kind = commissions => [link]

For the potential generous/supporting persons ;)

Support & donations (USD | Paypal) => [link]

And for the people persons =)

I'm a 25-single-frustrated virgin-still living at parent's home-french-jobless-social anxious/antsy-kind & very empathic even if cynical & sarcastic but naive & utopist man.

I've been depressed for years now. Things are getting better (treatment & sport) but still need to work on many things like getting a proper job (not IT related if possible)... damn, that is so fucking too much serious business to me. T_T
Or in game production as an environment artist but I don't count on it : there is nothing where I live, France basically sucks on it and it's an unstable domain to me. =/
And forget the homework/online style, I want teamwork in the same workspace. I want interactions with human beings, not computers (except advanced AIs :D ).

I learned how to use photoshop & 3dsmax at university with other things like programming & other web-related stuffs till 2008.
Then I've learnt all the rest from Internet (DA, YT & forums).

I'm good at modelling & texturing only because I'm passionnate, no talent in it or else, just passion & (too) many free time.

For those who think softwares make the talent I use :
- 3dsmax (modelling) ($$$)
- Photoshop (texturing) ($$$)
- xNormal (texturing) (free)
- Roadkill (UV unwrapping) (free)
- Mudbox (sculpting/texturing) ($$$)
- MeshLab (retopologizing) (free)
- 8Monkey Labs Toolbag (preview/rendering) (free but payed for pro version)

Why do I do & share for free my ressources ?
There are people who are able to make games but who are not good at modelling or texturing and they don't necessarely want to pay for it (students & indies). If they are honest & respectful they give me credits and if they want to redistribute (for free) them for specific softwares (UDK, Unity,...) they just ask for it.

What about thief ? It's Internet.
Don't want to be stolen ? Don't put a thing on Internet!
Deal with it!

Copyright ? Just an other idea very highly deeply raped by big shitty lobbies & patent trolls for their own profits.

Guess that's all for now. =)

See ya.


SR4 and else by Nobiax
SR4 and else
Old screenshot of my character ingame I didn't post earlier (for no reason).

I've nothing new lately. I worked on adapting my textures assets for the UE4.
But as usual, when I do that kind of thing I lose both inspiration & motivation.

So I play, I think and walk in circle...

I took that time to replay the story of Defiance to take a lot of screenshots (as you've noticed).
Sad the game doesn't have more content, except PvP which I hate.

I'm thinking doing some "stylized" things again (cf stylized grass asset).
Defiance by Nobiax
After Saint Row 3-4, here is my favorite game this year, and once again, because of the character you can create.
It's even more than that because it's my first mmorpg (free2play) I ever played & loved.
It's although the first time I buy a DLC (and some outfits as you can see Sweating a little... ) to really support a game.

Even if the models are not so detailled, the look of the Irathians (the race I play) are so cool.
They look strong, badass but remains somehow cute. I guess it's this slight feline thing you can feel from them... or their tiger eyes.

And an other HUGE thing I love is the way the character move & stand. No shity-stereotyped-girly poses, but pratical &/or cool ones.
In the cinematics the character looks so awesome. >:] (even if s/he doesn't talk in them)

The game is really well done, great quality & content. The characters are well played, in French the voice-acting is well-done too (which is not often the case =/ ).

And... yep. Guilty! I found this outfit so cool. It's so badass & sexy.
My xénophilia (meaning feminism included) couldn't overcome the power of the belly. xD


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ExpeditionEndurance Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for all your wonderful textures!! 
Nobiax Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
You're welcome, thanks =)
tryskell Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
i used youe stock…
Nobiax Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Nice work
cosplayoid Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Professional General Artist
i got this texture from some where i forgot…

from now, i will use your texture
i will post my new work later
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